A painter and illustrator located in Upstate New York, I welcome you to explore my collection.

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Guided by my knowledge of art history and art movements,
I have formed my own style of creation. Using inventive techniques, I draw and paint to make artwork come to life.

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About My work

Throughout my life I have become fascinated with how human anatomy interacts with the human psyche. Nerves, muscles, blood and organs are the conduit for everything anyone can ever be or feel. In my work I use symbolism from various facets of human culture to glorify and revere the parts of the human body that allow for the phenomenon of life and consciousness.

I imagine a world where the senses could interact with one another as individuals rather than as one unit, as if the human experience was an entire world in itself. In a world like that, the any part of the human body would be like a deity. Each part of the body plays certain roles, and has certain psychological impacts on human life. I take these concepts and personify them, shine light on their unique abilities, and give them a space to either interact or combine.


Joey’s work has always been a marvel to me. Having worked closely alongside him, I love watching his process unfold.

~ Bianca Martin: Painting & Design

I love both of the paintings Joey has sold me, and I’m sure I’ll be following his progress in the future

~ Matthew Lestingi

I’ve watched Joey’s art evolve for 4 years and I’m always amazed by what he comes up with. His art is a truly unique experience.

~ Anna Crosbie